How To Get The Best Exchange Rates Using The Get4x App

If you are travelling abroad, you would want to exchange your currency for the local currency at your destination. Our Get4x app basically allows you to get the best currency rate in licensed money changer outlets in Singapore, Bangkok, Mumbai, and Hong Kong. Search for the best rates with our the Web app or Mobile app. Here’s how you can get started:


Using the Web App



Step 1:

Choose the city in which you would like to research currency rates, from the drop down menu at the top of the site beside the get4x logo.


Step 2:

Select the currency that you have and enter the amount and type of currency you would like to search rates for.



Step 3:

Refer to the map to view the money changer rates and location. You can also sort through your choices by the top 5 money changers that offer the best rates for the currency you wish to exchange.


Step 4:

Click on the rate that you want. Log in to view the contact details of the money changer, and contact them to secure the rate and availability of currency.




Step 5:

Proceed to the money changer outlet to exchange your currency.


Using the Mobile App



Step 1:

Indicate the currency that you have at the top of the screen, and enter the amount and currency that you are searching for.


Step 2:

Indicate your preferred city, by clicking on “Around Current location”.  Get4x is available in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Singapore.



Step 3:

Refer to the map and the top five feature to easily locate the best exchange rate.



Step 4:

Contact the money changer to secure the rate and the availability of notes.Screenshot_2016-06-08-11-56-21_com.get4x



Step 5:

Proceed to the money changer outlet to exchange your specified amount of currency.

Save up as you travel. By using our app to look for the best currency rates from the money changer outlets, you can avoid the hefty administrative fees from exchanging money at banks or credit cards. Travel smart and exchange currency with the Get4x app.



Download the Get4x app. It’s easy to use. It’s free.


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