5 Best Travel Apps That Help You Save Money

With more than 2 million apps to choose from, smartphone users are spoilt for choice, as there’s (almost) an app for everything. When it comes to travel, smartphone apps are our best companions, with over 60% of the travellers using mobile apps during their trips. From planning your travel, to navigating your way around to saving money, smartphones and mobile apps are there to assist you in every step of your journey. Here, we will look at some of the best money-saving  travel apps that can ease your travelling expenses.


Start off your planning by looking for the most affordable air tickets. SkyScanner allows you to compare flights from their database of over 600 airlines. Use this flight scanner app to compare flights, hotels and car hire deals, and get better deals by setting a more flexible flight date while exploring alternative flight routes.


Wi-Fi Finder

If you are travelling outside your country, save up on hefty roaming fees by switching off your data service, and turn on your Wi-Fi instead. Wi-Fi Finder allows you to pinpoint connection hotspots and provides comprehensive maps to guide you to the location.


Use Uber to get cheaper rates on transportation, instead of paying for ridiculously overpriced cab rides or car rentals. Uber calculates your fee before your ride, and allows you to pay without cash. With this app, you will be able to see who your Uber driver is, their license plate number and their estimated time of arrival, as well as their location on the map.
To help save money, Uber’s carpooling service, UberPool, allows you to share a ride with others and you can save up to 50% of your taxi fare using this service.


Connect with the locals, and avoid tourists traps, as you save time and money to learn more about the country and discover the local culture. This app will pair you with a local (for a small fee), who can show you around the town, suggests less-touristic destinations, and even invite you to their home to try out some of the local delights.

WithLocal also features both host verification and reviews by other travelers, so you can be rest assured knowing you will be in good hands.



Get4x allows you to save up on money exchange by allowing you to search for the best money exchange rates. This app features licensed and authorised money changers in your country, and travellers need not have to incur additional and hidden costs from using credit card or bank services by using the local currency.

So before you pack your bags and explore the world, download our app from the app store or GooglePlay, and try out some of these travel apps. Plan your trip, and budget well, so that you can get the best travel experience and travel more, as you save more money.


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