5 Essential Travel Habits To Live By If You Want To Save

Travelling may seem costly to most people and we often associate travelling with the lifestyles of the rich. Yet this is not often the case for most frequent travellers who are always traversing the globe. It’s not to say that only the rich can afford such luxury; one of the main reasons why they are able to do so is largely due to their travel habits, and such habits can go a long way in helping these discerning travellers save money. Here are some of the essential travel habits you should adopt if you would like to save more.

#1 Don’t dine at touristy restaurants


For most foodies, we tend to eat out at every single meal when we are overseas, just so we can get a taste of the unique local flavours. We use the common excuse of ‘priceless memories’ to justify our huge expenditure at restaurants to indulge in the country’s authentic cuisine and give little thought to forking out $35 for a dish of Korean Bibimbap in Seoul . As much as we want to explore the culinary diversity of the country, it is wiser to exercise a little restraint while doing so, as this habit could set you back hundreds of dollars. It’s probably a good idea to avoid the recommended touristy restaurants since the prices of the menu are likely to be marked up and you may get better food elsewhere. Instead of dining at exquisite restaurants and pandering to the Michelin stars restaurants hype, why not try some restaurants off the (b)eaten path? Doing so would not only allow you to save, and you can also discover some local specialties that you may not find elsewhere.

#2 Don’t go to every single attraction


For many travellers, especially those who are visiting for the first time, they may include every places of interest in their itinerary list just so they can get the “best value” out of their trip. However, this can be a costly mistake since they may be more concerned about getting from point A to point B, instead of spending quality time appreciating the attractions or enjoying themselves. Not only that, but they may even end up spending more! Think about it. Do you really want to see the Buckingham Palace or visit the Tower of London? If not, strike them off your list – you instantly save yourself more than 50 pounds. Instead, focus on the attractions that you want to experience and take your time exploring there. After all, travelling is all about learning new things when abroad and enjoying yourselves, rather than frantically rushing from one point to another.

#3 Don’t shop needlessly


We know that shopping is one of the most defining moments of our travel experience, but that doesn’t mean you should do it excessive and impulsively. The luxury brands in London offering cheaper products (due to weakening Sterling Pound post-Brexit) may seem like a huge bargain, but that might not often be the case. Some may only differ slightly in terms of pricing, as compared to those back at home. Before you decide whether you should purchase that Haymarket Burberry bag, why not do a little price comparison online. And do you really need to buy little souvenirs for all of your friends and friend’s friend? It pays to keep your spending in check by relying on your calculator instead of performing mental sums to do currency conversion during your shopping; you don’t want to get a rude shock when your credit card bill arrives.

#4 Know when to pay by cash


Previously, we talked about the benefits of paying in cash while travelling, and how we may save more money from doing so. Yet most people may still pay with their card as they get to enjoy the much-needed convenience when swiping on the go. However, the benefits from going plastic come at a cost, as we may end up paying more due to the additional fees incurred. Unlucky and unwary visitors may even encounter a cash “skimmer” that basically steals the personal information about the cardholder. It may therefore be better if you can refrain from using your card for small transactions, and pay in the local currency whenever possible.

#5 Organise your luggage and pack light

Travelling solo 2

Packing light is a great habit to adopt when travelling. For starters, you can save up on the hefty baggage fee when you board the plane. Thankfully with the advent of the multi-functional smartphones, you do not need to bring your laptop or a camera for your trip, unless you really need them (ie. for a business trip or as a professional photographer). By doing so, you can organise your essentials neatly and you do not have to spend time searching for your toothbrush that is probably lost somewhere in the abyss of your luggage. For the fashionista who are concern about their dress sense, learning how to layer allows you to use this opportunity to get creative and show your personal styles while adopting a minimalistic approach to fashion. Of course, that is not to say that you should scrim on your necessities like clean underwears, medical supplies, and toiletries. Travel light, but pack smart!


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