5 Terrific Reasons to go to RISE Conference in Hong Kong

From 31th of May to 2nd of June, people from all around the world will head to Hong Kong to share their stories and experiences in building technology companies and user experiences that are changing the world at RISE conference, which will be held at at the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre. Several members of our team will be at RISE conference too, and we’re hoping to meet you there. Still undecided as to whether to go to RISE?

Here are 5 reasons why you should attend RISE conference in Hong Kong:

1) Learn from International Experts & Professionals

Get access to experts and international professionals from industries all over the world. Whatever your area of interest, there’s bound to be a conference topic or track that will interest you. With almost 50 sessions every day, you can select the conference topics that are useful for you, consult with, as well as exchange and share ideas with speakers and attendees alike. Some of the sessions we are interested in include:

Day 1: Can we make fintech fully mobile?
Kevin Phillips – Head of Corp Dev, Kabbage
Simon Loong – Founder, WeLab
Barry Freeman – Co-Founder, Jimubox
Yun-Hee Kim – Asia Technology Editor, The Wall Street Journal

As a start-up in the fintech industry itself, we are of course curious to hear any discussion on the mobile experience in fintech, and get a few pointers or thoughtful insights as to the future of the industry.

Day 2: Is brave design possible in user focused products?
Shalin Amin – Director of Design, Uber
Jon Lax – Director of Product Design, Facebook

Since Get4x is essentially a product built for users, we’d like to learn about UX from the success stories of our time. Who knows, some brave design might well be in our future….

Day 3: It’s in the brand: Creating a standout company identity
Shalin Amin – Director of Design, Uber
Evan Weissbrot – Global Executive Director of Engagement, TBWA
Nacho M. Trujillo – Managing Director of Innovation and Global Development, LaLiga Sophia Yang – Managing Director & Reporter, Taiwan News

As with all companies, creating a brand is always important. Right from the start, this should be a focus of any company. Many battles for users are won at the end of the day because of brand loyalty, and any discussion about this is always welcome.

2) Start-Up Pitch Battle!

We’re particularly excited to see the start-ups pitch in 2016, and learn about the new and innovative ideas that will soon transform our industry and the world. RISE conference has two programmes for start-ups at different stages: BREAKTHROUGH HK and PITCH.

Created for start-ups that have yet to receive funding, BREAKTHROUGH HK is the place to be if you want the opportunity to pitch in front of a panel of distinguished investors, gain media exposure and receive advice from leading companies about your ground-breaking new idea.

PITCH 2016 is for start-ups with under $3 million in funding, and no change in their business model for the last three years. The winners of PITCH 2016 will have a chance to go to the web summit in Lisbon, receive their time in the spotlight, and get other parks to help them along their start-up journey. See if you agree with the judge’s choice, or if you can pick out the next rising star that will revolutionize the world. Who knows, you might end up forming a valuable partnership with a start-up that catches your eye!

3) Seal a Deal while Expanding Your Network

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Last year, representatives of Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Lazada, and more attended the RISE conference in Hong Kong. This year, you can continue to look forward to meeting them, and representatives from the world’s most successful start-ups including Uber, Stripe, Grab, Deliveroo, and others. RISE will also be attended by more than 100 investors. Among them, are representatives of ZhenFund, Appworks, General Atlantci and, Venturra Capita. It’s now or never to meet the right people, be it professional entrepreneurs, influential investors or successful start-ups.

When the conferences are over at 5pm, the next part of the event begins. Continue the thought-provoking talks you’ve started with attendees and investors while having a drink in the most atmospheric pubs and bars in Hong Kong. RISE has thought of everything by organizing Pub Crawls which allow you to experience the Hong Kong’s nightlife while networking with the founders, CEOs, investors and startups attending the RISE conference. Interested? Sign up for a Pub Crawl today.

4) Media Spotlight

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The spotlight of the media in the region will be on RISE conference from 31st May to 2 June. Get your start-up on the global stage, by making valuable media contacts that could provide you with some much needed visibility that could lead to your start-up gaining new funding or partnerships. The media at RISE reads like a who’s who list: Wired, BBC, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, CNBC, NPR, The New York TImes, Forbes, The Financial Times, Business Insider, Fox News and Bloomberg. Having just one of these key media feature your start-up may well send your views or downloads skyrocketing.

5) Discover a modern city with ancient traditions

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Come for the RISE conference, and stay for the sights and sounds. There’s a lot more to see in Hong Kong than just start-ups and entrepreneurs! Extend your stay and spend a few days wandering around the various neighbourhoods in Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, Mongkok or Kowloon. Discover Hong Kong can be a good source of information for putting together an exciting itinerary. Take a tram up to The Peak, go for a hike at Sai Kung, visit the Big Buddha at Lantau Island or wander the streets and explore the Ladies’ Market and Temple Street Night Market. In Hong Kong, the possibilities are endless.

Decided not to attend RISE this year? If you are in the area, you can check out their Community Night, which is free for all attendees. Get a preview of what RISE is like, and see if you’d like to get a ticket for RISE 2017 instead. Or if you’re a coder, you can try to get a free ticket – RISE is giving out 150 tickets to frequent open source contributors.

If you are attending RISE, we’d love to meet you – whether you are a fellow start-up entrepreneur, media professional or potential investor, drop us a note, and let’s get connected!



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