5 Things I Learnt From My Internship In a Start-Up

Today is my last day in the 4xLabs family, so I’ve decided to share my personal experience working in the Thailand office with you. It’s been an amazing experience so far, but doing an internship in a start-up is really very different from the other professional experiences I had.

1) The start-up atmosphere
The atmosphere in 4xLabs, and in a start-up in general, is dynamic and energetic. Everyone believes in the service we are developing and gives their all to succeed. It’s easier to become invested in your work when you’re collaborating with such passionate people.

2) Working in a small team
In a start-up, you are often working within a small team and in a co-working space. Even if the offices are located in different countries, which is the case for 4xLabs, you know everyone and everyone knows you. Your colleagues are much more than co-workers, they are friends with whom you can go out to have a drink. It’s easy to integrate with the team and you feel like a key contributing member of the company.

3) Be always open to trying new things
With a start-up, you feel really involved in each project and task, and become a bit of a multi-tasker. You’re not just specialized in one task. For my part, I joined 4xLabs as an online marketing intern, but I didn’t just do community management, I also took care of PR, the official website design, SEO strategy, and marketing campaigns. I was not limited to my official job scope and was always learning. I got the impression that I was contributing to something meaningful and valuable.

4) Be comfortable with changes
Start-ups are able to adapt really quickly as the market changes rapidly, and opportunities don’t last forever, so you have to adapt your strategy and your priorities as quickly as possible. As such, you need to be adaptable as an individual too, and constantly keep up with what is going on.

5) Learn from the people you are working with
The founder and CEO of the start-up you’re working for in most cases, left their jobs to follow their dreams and create their own start-up. They have taken many risks and faced up to a lot of challenges to build their start-up. They are determined, motivated, and down-to-earth people, and there’s a lot you can learn from them.

The start-up environment is so unique! I loved my experience in 4xLabs and want to continue to work for start-ups as it better fits my values and my personality. Thinking of working for a start-up too? You never know, maybe you’ll enjoy your work so much within the start-up that you’d be hired or maybe you’ll learn enough to successfully run your own start-up in the future.

Thanks to the 4xLabs team for having me on board!

~Lucille Jover, Marketing Intern



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