Announcing the All New Get4x Mobile App

New Cities

We are excited and pleased today to announce that Get4x, our location-based currency exchange rates discovery app, is now available in three new cities: Bangkok, Hong Kong and Mumbai.

Now, when you are travelling to these cities, you can quickly and easily compare money changer rates at different outlets, so you can make every dollar count. Along with our expansion into these cities, we are also unveiling a new streamlined interface and enhanced features.



The new Get4x app indicates the location of money changers around you and their offered rates for the currency you wish to purchase, so you can compare rates and distances to the various money changers, all at one glance. We’ll also show you the top 5 rates for your currency of choice so you can be assured of getting the best foreign exchange rates in the city.


Highlighted Features

In addition to new city maps, Get4x is now powered by an innovative rate modeling engine that ensures the most up-to-date live rates are always displayed for the selected currency. Users who often frequent the same money changers may also find the favourite list feature useful, as it allows users to curate a list of money changers to be accessed quickly and easily any time, anywhere. To save users the hassle of signing in each time they use our app, we have also introduced guest sessions, so they can continue searching for money changer rates until they decide to contact the money changer, or view more outlet details.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy using our new Get4x app and thank you for being our loyal users over the last few years!



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