Discover A Different Malaysia With These Top 5 Free Travel Apps

Malaysia is like two countries in one, located partly on a peninsula of the Asian mainland and partly on the northern third of the island of Borneo. According to a survey earlier this year by Mastercard, Kuala Lumpur is the fourth most popular travel destination in Asia-Pacific. This page provides you 5 top free apps that would help you to discover a different side of Malaysia.

#1. ASKME Malaysia

ASKME Malaysia is an all-in-one local search app that provides local information and deals acrossMalaysia. The app helps you to locate businesses, restaurants, spas, clinics, temples, shopping malls and etc more the map. Get the best offers at your fingertips. To discover thousands of amazing deals, you just need to ASKME! And it’s absolutely free!


#2. Malaysia Travel Guide

The Malaysia Travel Guide offers you complete and up to date city guides for over 50 cities in Malaysia including Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Penang. For each city, the travel guide has an eat out section with recommendations on the best restaurants, a sightseeing section with all major monuments, and a bars, pubs & nightlife section for all major cities. An offline map of Malaysia and offline city maps for all major cities are available. It’s a free app with no hidden costs.

#3. Get4x


In June, 4xLabs annouced the launch of its Get4x service in Kuala Lumpur, to bring more price transparency to Malaysian cash exchange market. With Get4x, you can find the best real-time money changer rates around you in Kuala Lumpur. Contact the selected money changer to confirm the rates and ensure that the currency is available for booking. Get the best cash exchange rate and enjoy great savings on your overall travel expenses. You’ll be surprised how much you can save by getting a good exchange rate!

#4. Malaysia Hotels


Malaysia Hotel helps you to book hotels in over 12 cities in Malaysia, including the east and the west. Simply search by location, date and number of guests and the app will quickly find you the best deal in Malaysia. Search “Around Me” to discover which hotel is available around you at that exact moment. Book your room now with the only app that allows you to search for the hotel deals through out all the booking sites!

#5. Kuala Lumpur Transit


If you have ever been thinking there must be a much better route than your usual one, Kuala Lumpur Transi will be the right app for you! Tap the stations to set your origin and destination in the zoomable interactive maps. In addition, the GPS can also suggest the nearest station to you. Route maps and the transfer search can be used offline. The app covers the RapidKL, KTM and KLIA lines. This is cost-saving and convenient when you travel without a data plan.

So if you are heading for Malaysia sooner or later, why not use our app to check the best exchange rates and download some of these free apps? Enjoy the beauty of Malaysia within a reasonable budget.


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