Explore The Uniqueness Of Singapore This National Day

What better way to spend your trip to Singapore than on National Day? Visitors in Singapore can immerse themselves in  the local experience and explore the uniqueness of Singapore on the 9th of August, as the Lion City roars to life on this eventful date. As you travel around Singapore, do remember to exchange your money for the most competitve local currency , as a better rate can help you stretch your dollar further. With the National Day promotions and deals, you can save up more and this can allow you to spend more on sightseeing and attractions.  Let us look at what Singapore has in store for us to commemorate the upcoming National Day.

ArtScience Museum

marina-bay-1435072_1920 (1)
Take a break from your high-end shopping in the Marina Bay Sands shopping mall and visit the nearby ArtScience Museum. The ArtScience Museum features an array of exhibitions and gallery which showcase the blend of art and science in a creative manner.

You can check out Singapore’s largest digital playground FUTURE WORLD: Where Art Meets Science with 16 interactive installations, and explore the world of big data at Big Bang Data.
Get 51 per cent off the admission price to various exhibitions if you are visiting on National Day and remember to queue early for admission, as tickets are sold on a first come basis. This promotion applies to all visitors.

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The Sentosa island resort is a must to visit for all. Sentosa is celebrating the Nation’s 51st  birthday by bringing you a range of promotion deals as well as  various highlights to look forward to. From booking a staycation package at the promotional rate to being enthralled by the magical light display from the Merlion Magic Lights, visitors in Sentosa can expect to be entertained by the musical performances and National Day related programmes during the entire month. Check out the NDP51 Bundle Deal to get the best local experience from Sentosa.

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Tanjong Pagar Railway Station800px-Railway_platforms_and_lines_at_the_Tanjong_Pagar_Railway_Station_(1)

The Tanjong Pagar Railway Station will open its doors to the public on National Day, following its closure of operations since July 1, 2011. During this period, visitors can a view a selection of photos from the recently concluded SLA Photo Contest on display which features the the theme “Celebrating Places And Memories” , and can look at the walls of the station which are decorated with murals designed by William Rowe (of Doulton & Company) that depict the economic activities that were prominent at the time, such as tin mining and rubber tapping.

NDP-themed TrainST_20160712_JLTRAIN_2434226


If you are travelling in Singapore on the MRT, do look out for these four NDP-themed trains. These trains feature designs based on Singapore’s history, references to Singapore, and even speech bubbles with lyrics to the classic NDP songs such as Count On Me Singapore. The four trains will run until mid-August and one of each can be found on the North-East Line, the Downtown Line, the Circle Line and the North-South and East-West lines.Apart from celebrating the uniqueness of Singapore, the designs aims to “foster positive commuter culture and improve transport experiences” with reference to the lyrics from the classic NDP songs such as Stand Up For Singapore.


So as you sit back at the Marina Promenade to catch the spectacular firework display during the National Day celebration, do remember to visit the above attractions. For the locals and durian lovers, why not head to a nearby market and delight yourselves with our national fruit. With the prices of the durians falling to over 50 percent during this season, it’s time for durian lovers to rejoice and indulge in the creamy and custard fillings of the fruit. Meanwhile, commuters can enjoy free trips on board all SMRT bus and train services on National Day and visitors can make use of this opportunity to explore the various attraction and sightings of this country.

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