Money-changer service in MyPaper article


There is now a local “money-changer finder and exchange rates’ comparator” online, the first in the world. People who are travelling no longer need to compare money-changers’ rates at different locations.
“Get4X” is an online website, listing the foreign currency exchange rates of money-changers islandwide, so that users may find the best currency exchange rate they want. “Get4x” also provides listed money-changers’ addresses and contact details.
As currency exchange rates fluctuate greatly, in order to secure the rate offered by the money-changer as seen online, users must confirm their bid for the exchange rate before proceeding to the money-changer’s outlet. A unique ID will then be given, which users can use within an allocated timeframe at the money-changer to complete their transaction. Users can download the “Get4x app” at the iOs App Store. The Android version of the app is slated to be released in the middle of this year.