Explore The Best Of Hong Kong With These 6 Best Travel Apps

Hong Kong, well-known as the shopping paradise and culinary capital of Asia, is the unique fusion of the east and the west. Because of its location, Hong Kong is also a gateway to Mainland China and the rest part of East Asia. Here are some useful free apps that will help you explore more of the Pearl of the Orient.

#1 My Hong Kong Guide


My Hong Kong Guide provides an all-in-one trip planner for you to create, access and edit the guide from the computer to the phone. Once you run out of ideas of what to do next, you may check out what other travellers are doing online and you can download the map,obtain practical travel information as well as e-coupons to save the time and cost during your trip. This app is no doubt a handy app for planning an organised trip.

#2 MyObservatory

MyObservatory is the most popular location-based weather app in Hong Kong. As soon as the app has determined your current location, it will display the weather conditions of your area, such as the temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind direction and speed, as well as the weather photographs collected from nearby weather stations. With this useful app, you can be more proactive and flexible in your travelling schedule while you save time travelling across the country.

#3 HKeTransport

This application provides all the possible route choices of your origin and destination with detailed information of stops, cost of time, ticket prices etc. The public transport services include Mass Transit Railway, Light Rail Transit, Franchised Bus, Green Minibus, Ferry, Tram and Peak Tram, Cross Boundary Coach to Huanggang, Bus to Ma Wan and Discovery Bay. You can also store the most used  routes and locations for later retrieval. Travelling in the city has never been easier with this app!

#4 Google Maps

This app is no stranger to many of us. For those people who are not familiar with this app, Google Maps will help you to discover the best places and explore different interesting streets and sights in Hong Kong. You may download the offline maps to refer to any locations without an internet connection and refer to them anytime, anywhere.  Afraid of getting lost in the shopping malls or stadiums? The Indoor maps and directions will quickly help you to find your way in big places.

#5 Get4x

With Get4x, instantly find the best real-time money changer rates around you. Contact the selected money changer to confirm the rates and ensure that the currency is available for booking. Get the best exchange rate and enjoy great savings on your overall travel expenses. You’ll be surprised how much you can save by getting the best exchange rates!

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#6 Open Rice

Supported by a powerful database worldwide, Open Rice displays comprehensive relevant information about restaurants in Hong Kong. You can select popular dishes and available tables nearby. You can also sort and filter by advanced search options and view a large number of reviews about various restaurants before deciding where to dine. This app is must-have for travellers who look forward to indulging in the palatable cuisines of Hong Kong.

With these 6 useful apps, tourists will be more than ready to exploring Hong Kong’s many sights and attractions. Before starting your trip to the Pearl of the Orient, download these apps to help you enjoy and save more. 



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