How To Save Money In Singapore

Singapore can be an expensive place to live, so all the more reason to look to make some adjustments to your lifestyle to save a bit of money. Here we discuss some practical ways in which you can reduce your expenditure almost instantly.

1. Get into gyms for next to nothing

What if I told you there are gyms all over Singapore where you can gain entry for just $2.50? ClubFITT gyms are everywhere and as you can see they are extremely reasonable; keeping fit just got cheaper!

2. Points and reward schemes

Bigger branded stores in Singapore utilise loyalty schemes which allow frequent shoppers to save money and get discounts. Air miles are a well-known version of these schemes and can quickly add up to either free flights or smaller gifts too.

Hotels often have similar schemes so if you are away on business a lot be sure to enquire about loyalty schemes.

3. Utilise the gift economy

The Really, Really Free Market (RRFM) is based in Singapore and as the name suggests it allows you to share and trade resources between users. You can trade unwanted items, personal services, stories and supplies. You really do have to get involved wholeheartedly though; this is not a place for lurkers and freeloaders.

4. Rent books

If you’re an avid reader or even just an occasional one, you really should try renting books as opposed to buying them. Places like the National Library have this facility and you really should start taking advantage of it. There is also a wealth of rental bookstores that you can visit too.

You can also take advantage of free e-book downloads. You’ll find these online and all you have to do is Google “book title/topic free download” and you’ll be presented with plenty of options.

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