Money Changers in Singapore

Get the Best Money Exchange Rates in Singapore

If you are travelling to Singapore, you’ll be glad to know that every mall has a money changer outlet. However for your quick reference, we recommend four places where you can find a number of authorised money changers that offer best rates for foreign currencies:

• The Arcade at Raffles Place
• People’s Park Complex at Chinatown
• Lucky Plaza
• Peninsula Plaza

The Value of SGD

The SGD has changed little in the last 5 years. The following table shows the SGD rate per USD 1 since 1981.

24-Hour Money Changers in Singapore

Singapore has a large number of money changers that will provide a good exchange rate for your foreign currencies. As a traveller either on a business or leisure trip, how best to exchange your currency is an important consideration. You don’t have to worry about this however, because in Singapore, you can do this easily no matter where you are.


“Late-night” money changer in Singapore

This money changer located in Little India has everything. Its website claims that it operates 24 hours and has the best rates for a variety of foreign currencies. If you are interested, you can check out the latest exchange rates on the Mustafa Forex website.

Address: Mustafa Centre, 145 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore – 207704
Tel: +65-62955855, Fax: +65-62955866


Currency Exchange Rates at Changi Airport

As always, the exchange rates at the airport are not the best rates, hence we would suggest for you to get only USD 100 worth of SGD from the money changer at the airport for a start. The rest of the money you need can be exchanged from a wide array of authorised money changers that offer good deals in the city.

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