Money Changers at The Arcade at Raffles Place

The Arcade at Raffles Place is the business hub of Singapore; it has all of the hustle and bustle you’d expect from a place of busy commerce. The Arcade has a multitude of different money changers so choosing one can be a difficult proposition at times. Since The Arcade can be confusing place with so many options, you may be worried about how to get the best deal possible.

One thing is for sure, at first glance you will be spoilt for choice at the sheer volume of arcade money changers. Arcade exchange rates can vary wildly so we’ve narrowed your search down for you to five arcade money changers. We’ll start of with the king of all money changers, which some say is the best arcade money changer around: Arcade Money Changers (AMC).

Arcade Money Changers (AMC)

Arcade Money Changers has been established for over thirty years and has a wonderful reputation for providing the best exchange rates at the Arcade. Their customer service levels are second to none and they are open every day with the exception of Sundays. Arcade Money Changers offer wholesale rates on their exchanges which means the customer always gets the best deal possible. And what’s best, they are known for giving better rates for Asian currencies.


Sheen International Exchange

Sheen International Exchange is based at Collyer Quay usually has relatively competitive rates for exchanging JPY, GBP, USD and other major currencies.


Hassan and Sons Exchange

This arcade money changer specialises in providing money exchange for TWD, THB and JPY currencies. The staff are always friendly at this family run-business. This arcade money changer is open every day with the exception of Sundays.


People’s Corner Money Changer

Another arcade money changer based at Collyer Quay. People’s Corner Money Changer usually has competitive exchange rates for the following currencies: NZD, TWD and GBP.


Arcade Plaza Traders Pte Ltd

Arcade Plaza Traders is another long serving arcade money changer offering good rates on most Asian currencies as well as USD, GBP and EUR.


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