Money Changers with the Best Rates Near Popular Tourist Attractions

Going plastic-free can allow you to save more, but that doesn’t mean you should hastily convert your money at any money changer you see. Once you disembark from your flight, avoid the temptation to exchange your money at any nearby airport or hotel money exchange outlet. While you may save the trouble of looking for another money changer, you will end up getting the most unfavourable exchange rates so how else can you save time while getting the best value out of your money?

Simple – just exchange your money when you are travelling around the city. With the extensive transport system network in Singapore, travelling around is a breeze, and you can simply exchange your money on the go with the numerous money changers located near the tourist attractions.

If you are planning to visit any of the hot spots and attractions listed below, do look out for nearby money changers, as these money changers also offer the most competitive rates in Singapore.

#1 The Arcade, Collyer Quay

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Situated at Collyer Quay, money changers in the Arcade are no doubt the top contenders for the most competitive exchange rates offered. The aggregation of money changers within Arcade propagate competition among the money changers. As such, customers can expect better rates and can compare between different rates before making a transaction. Travelling to the Arcade is very convenient and easy, as it is within walking distance from Raffles MRT station and you can exchange your money whenever you are exploring the downtown area of the central business district.

Those people who are familiar with Singapore may know about the tons of activities and attractions to look out for in this area which features many landmarks. Aside from taking a scenic night walk along the Singapore River, or capturing a panoramic shot of the city skyline from 1-Altitude, you may indulge in the night life by grabbing a drink in the nearby pubs, bars or night lounges, and even get a taste of Singapore’s rich historical and cultural background by visiting the Asian Civilisations Museum or the National Gallery. With the gamut of activities and attractions to look out for, you will never get bored when you are in the central area of Singapore.

#2 Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road

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Before you proceed with your retail therapy in Orchard, why not drop by Lucky Plaza to exchange your money first? With the competitive rates offered by the Lucky Plaza money changers, you can shop more by saving more money when you get a good exchange rate!

Indulge yourself with a shopping spree by heading down to Orchard Road which features many iconic hotels, malls, and restaurants, where you can partake in leisurely walks along the street for window-shopping. Expect to enjoy greater savings from the Great Singapore Sale if you are in Singapore from June to August. With more than 20 malls in this shopping paradise, shoppers are spoilt for choice from the variety of designer goods, modern fashion, fancy restaurants, ethnic wares and art galleries.

#3 People’s Park Complex, Chinatown

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Before you head down to Sentosa to visit the S.E.A Aquarium or let your hair down in the Universal Studios Singapore theme park, why not stop by Chinatown first? This treasure trove of cultural heritage features historical buildings, shophouses and temples. Visitors who are interested in the cultural and historical background of this island-city may visit the Chinese Heritage Centre in the town. While you are exploring the historical headquarters and heritage markers, you may want to perform the transaction at the money changer outlets in People’s Park Complex to check out some favourable exchange rates. As you may be aware, travelling within tourist hotspots like Sentosa can be expensive, and it makes sense to save where you can.

Be sure to look out for these money changers while you are travelling. If you are unsure of the location of the money changers, or uncertain of which money changers offer the best exchange rates, you may want to download the Get4x app. This app allows you to look for the best exchange rates from licensed and authorised money changers, and you can locate your nearest money changers, as you navigate your way towards the money changers to exchange money for the local currency. Easily contact money changers through the app once you have discovered a good rate to confirm the rate and availability of currency.


Save time and money by using our Get4x app. Happy travels!


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