5 Money Changers With PokéStops In ‘Pokémon GO’

It has been more than 2 weeks since the launch of the immensely popular mobile game in Singapore and the ongoing Pokémon Go craze is still going strong. You may have probably seen throngs of people wandering about with their eyes glued onto their screen, searching for virtual Pokémon creatures and crowding around certain locations while social media feeds get overwhelmed with Pokémon Go-related stories. If you are one of the many people who are afflicted with Poké-frenzy, you may be familiar with a key landmark of the game called the Pokéstop. This hotspot is a location that basically allows you to collect items every 5 minutes and catch virtual creatures or Pokémon that are attracted by lures released at these locations. Popular money changers may draw long queues especially during the lunch hour, so instead of waiting in a long and boring queue, why not whip out your phone, take a detour and see if you can kill two birds with one stone by exchanging money and getting your hands on a coveted rare pokemon?

Below are a list of money changers where you can access a PokéStop and stock up on some Pokéballs as you wait in line.

VivoCity – MGM Money changer



VivoCity is home to many PokéStops. You can head up to the rooftop to visit several PokéStops once you have exchanged your money. If you would like to take a break from searching for Pokémon, you may train or battle with your Pokémon at the PokéGyms nearby. Avid Pokémon fans who are travelling soon may visit the mall to shop for some travel essentials and look out for rare Pokémon. Besides housing a few money changers, you can shop at a range of outlets selling travel essentials such as luggage, winter clothing and even your toiletries.

Orchard Road – Feyazi Money changer , Million Dollar Exchange



Orchard is a “must-go” Pokémon Go hot spot for many Pokémon trainers as many shops are planting lures (which attract more Pokemon to the vicinity). You will be busy swiping on PokéStops as you walk along the streets. Besides having the opportunity to gather a few rare Pokémons on the premises, you get to enjoy a range of promotions from ION Orchard too!

Clementi – GP Money Changer & Remittance



While not as popular as other Pokémon hot spots, Clementi is a very convenient and accessible location to hang around. If you want to avoid the bustling crowd in other areas and exchange money, why not head down to Clementi ? You can exchange your money in the quiet HDB hub and restock on your Pokéballs while doing so.




If you are around the Dhoby Ghaut area and would like to exchange your currency, head down to this money changer between Dhoby Ghaut and Rochor. The long stretch of cafes located along the street offer a little respite from Pokémon hunting and you may consider heading to one of these quaint eateries after you have exchanged your currency.

Tanjong Pagar – VIP Exchange



What better way to destress than to catch some Pokémon after office hours? If you are one of the office workers situated in Tanjong Pagar, you may find many Pokéstops in the district, and you may head to nearby money changer(s) to exchange your dollars. Expect long queues at the money changer outlets such as VIP Exchange during the lunch hour if you would like to exchange your money. Thankfully, there are a few nearby Pokéstops at the money changer, and you may restock your Pokéballs while you swipe across the Pokéstops in the queue.

Queuing up at the money changer outlets does not have to be boring. The above are just a few of the many money changers where you can find the PokéStops. You can expect to find more PokéStops around the other money changers in the city as well. Not sure which money changers above offer the best exchange rates for your currency? Download and use Get4x. The app allows you to compare the best exchange rates featured by money changers before going down so you can get the best out of your money.

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