Book Your Currency On Get4x Before You Travel This Lunar New Year

If you’re a frequent visitor to, you may have noticed that we’ve very recently rolled out a key feature on our site.

That’s right, the “Request to Book” feature is now back and better than ever before! Following our successful site relaunch, we’ve now brought back the ability for visitors to book a specific amount and type of currency with a money changer of their choice. Visitors will then have two hours to go down to these money changer outlets and pick up the currency that they have ordered at the rate that it has been locked in at. As per MAS regulations, anyone who is planning to exchange more than SGD$5000 will be asked to show some identification before such a transaction can take place.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Register or log into your Get4x account. Search for the amount and type of currency that you are looking for.

Step 2

Get4x will automatically surface money changers that allow the booking of their rates to the top of the search results. Click on the red “View detail” button.

Step 3

To the right of the screen, you will be able to see a list of currencies that the money changer currently offers. Below that is the section with the Request to Book option. Click on that and you will be asked to confirm your booking request.

Step 4

The money changer will need to confirm that they have accepted your request within the next 10 minutes or the request will expire. Make a note or save a screenshot of your booking ID and present that to the money changer when you pick up your currency. The money changer will hold your currency at the rate it is locked into for the next two hours.



And that’s all there is to it!

The number of money changers on the Get4x site that accept booking requests is constantly growing, so remember to check and book the live rates on our site before travelling. For now, the list of money changers that do accept booking on some currencies include:

  • – Right Angel Exchange
  • – Hassan & Sons Exchange
  • – Sirajudin Money Changer
  • – Al-Najib Enterprise
  • – Mohamed Iqbaldeen Trading
  • – Faizura Trading
  • – Al-Rajhi Monetary Exchange
  • – Million Dollar Exchange
  • – Classic Exchange
  • – Zelifrasinah Mart Money Changer
  • – Fajar Store
  • – Rahiman Trading
  • – Al-Amin Trading
  • – Saleem Exchange Center
  • – Arcade Money Changer
  • – Everest General Store Money changer
  • – Feyazi Money Changer

Requesting to book currency is fast, simple and easy so try it out today and let us know what you think!


Request to book currency on Get4x today!


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