Vibrant Currency Designs

Artwork in your pocket

I bet you didn’t even realise it, but everyone carries around with them a small piece or pieces of artwork in their pocket – you guessed it, bank notes!

Every nation uses currency and it is usually designed in a way that reflects that country’s history or culture. Whether landmarks, historical figures, deities or symbols, bank notes depict the diverse nature of a nation’s development.

In this article we are going to focus on some of the more vibrant and unique currencies of the world.

Florin of Aruba

The Florin of Aruba accurately depicts its tropical, idyllic setting with each note having a different shell, animal or tree on it. The tribal nature of notes fits well with the animalistic designs.

florin-of-aruba-currency-designs-collectionSource: | More information about Currency of Aruba


The Maldives are a luxurious holiday destination. Their bank notes reflect this destination with every detail. Wonderful colours and a soft gradient mean that these notes set off the sharp patterns in the centre of the note brilliantly. They are incredibly detailed and one of the most unique sets of notes out there today.

maldives-currency-designs-collectionSource: | High resolution picture of Maldives Currency

New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country with amazing scenery, so much so it was the home of Middle Earth for Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Their back notes reflect this, harsh, simplistic natural beauty stupendously well.

new-zealand-currency-designs-collectionSource: | More information about New Zealand Currency

Norwegian Kroner

The Norwegian Kroner combines geometric patterns with typical Norwegian natural beauty spots like fjords and forests. The colours and angles mesh really well to create a memorable set of bank notes.


Soa Tome’s

Soa Tome’s currency is slightly more sedate than some of those mentioned in this post, but their tropical birds are depicted and their majesty is second to none. An interesting currency.



Surinamese bills are extremely vibrant and colourful; this tropical country celebrates the truly vast array of flora and fauna they have within their borders. Their notes also depict national landmarks and use the collage approach to great effect.



Switzerland use sleek, modern geometric patterns in the design of their notes. Well thought out colours abound and national figures are used to good effect; their heritage is clearly important.



The Thai currency utilised soft colours as a backdrop and more vibrant nationalistic images overlaying this. The gradient patterns also work well in setting the rest of the note off. Thai currency may be simplistic looking at first, but its beauty is in the way it is constructed from a collective point of view. As you can see, most of the bank notes have a picture of His Majesty the King (King Rama IX) on the front. Therefore you should treat them with respect. That is the reason why Thai people might get offended if you intentionally or unintentionally step on the money bill.


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